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Bad Ass Motorcycle Jacket

Bad Ass Motorcycle Jacket Design | Bad Ass Biker Jackets | Bad Ass Leather Jacket Design

Just had to put this out there as a cool Motorcycle Jacket Design. And with a small amount of jackets made I would even call This a Custom Leather Jacket.

But if they could work a lock into for all those punkers heading to the Mosh pit. Yeah I like the old Punk stuff, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, DayGlo Abortions, but know that is a heavy jacket to mosh in.

Leave it with your drunk friend to look after …NO WAY.

Motorcycle Crash on Hyway Caught on Film

Motorcycle Crash Caught on Film Design | Motorcycle Apparel

All of these guy’s are wearing Tshirts riding???

I hope after they see their buddy they are second guessing thatmove again.

Yeah it is nice and cool when you ride to not wear all the gear.

But when you are riding you are going to go down, no matter what. It culd have been worse, the other bike could have hit him sending the other guy not wearing gear to crash hitting the rider. And the other bikes in the rear missing the tumbling bike.

Ride Safe, and Keep the Rubber Side Down.

Young Buck Rapper Goes Down

Young Buck Rapper Crashes his motorcycle. Watch how far he skids and he is only going a couple of miles an hour when he crashes.

See how Young Buck is feeling his hand after not because of the impact it was from the skidding on the pavement I am sure.

Motorcycle Gloves, Jeans, Motorcycle Jacket, boots, and a helmet every time no matter how far a ride your going on.

Especially if you are new to riding and are going with a passenger.

Keep the rubber side down.

Hey Young Buck if your watching maybe you could give a little help with promoting Lockdown Jackets???

Things that make you go….

This should be shown to all new riders. Now this has to be the dumbest two kids out there riding a motorcycle. They must have been high or had to much sun.
Rookie rider trying to show off after leaving the beach (I think). It should almost be mandatory to have to wear motorcycle gear, leather jacket, gloves, boots, pants, and a Helmet.

And if your going to be doing a wheelie…. HELLO….. WERA THE GEAR.

Not sure how they turned out but I am sure it was ugly, the wheelie that went wrong was a year or two to recover, if ever.

Really I hope they are doing OK.

Road Rash Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle Jacket Design | Road Rash Motorcycle Crash

It does not matter if you are going down the block or for a all day ride.

You should always wear biker Gear.
That means Boots, gloves, a jacket, and if you can leather pants.

I have gone down wearing just that and got to shake it off after a couple of drinks and a couple of days…

Road Rash from a motorcycle crash can take many skin graffs to get you back together, even at low speed. Yes that means taking your skin from your ass and replacing it wear t gets taken off.

Tom Cruise Leather Jacket

Motorcycle Jacket Design | Tom Cruise Jackets | Leather Jacket Design

Thats right if you want leather jacket that a celebrity wear this is the place for you.

Jessica Alba, Will Smith and any other movie star jacket you want. And we feel if your going to make a nice leather jacket that your going to cherish what not have a lock built into it.

Lockdown Leather Jacket Company has a bounty out for your design. Help us create the best lock for Lockdown Jackets and we’ll help with some doe.

A Biker Jacket can come in all shapes and sizes and now even more ideas to make your motorcycle jacket just that more cool.

Tom Cruise Hero Jacket | Lockdown Jackets
Tom Cruise Hero Jacket | Lockdown Jackets
Jessica Alba Cat Woman Jacket
Jessica Alba Cat Woman JacketJessica Alba Cat Woman Jacket