How to Rock a Biker Jacket at 50

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How to Wear a Biker Jacket — powered by ehow

My name is Natalie Jobity, and I’m the president of Elan Image Management, an image consulting firm. I am going to show you how to rock a biker jacket. Now a biker jacket is fun, playful, and youthful. And so great for a woman of a mature age, to give you that youthful vibe. It doesn’t have to be leather to qualify as biker. This jacket I’m showing right now is a faux look fabric, leather look fabric. So you can use any kind of fabric, but the cool thing here is it has the zippers, it’s a cropped jacket, and it’s going to really look fun. So, we’re going to have our model, Monique, model this for us. Now again, this is for the woman who is really more daring, to wear a cropped biker jacket. The cool thing about this jacket, you can wear it open, like it is now, with a longer tank like she is doing, and that’s a cool fun way to layer. A great alternative to a cardigan, and a more hip alternative to a cardigan or jacket is a biker jacker like this. She can even zip it up. So we’re not going to do that, but she zips it up, the jacket has a whole different look: more tailored, just a whole different vibe. Again, so she can wear this open or closed, and then to have more fun, we’re going to add a necklace. And I’ve picked a silver and turquoise necklace that goes with the jacket and with what she’s wearing. So, again, you can choose any accessory that has the sensibility of what you are wearing. And in this case, this turquoise necklace just really blends nicely with her outfit. Again, it adds more color, it adds more fun. This is great for going out on the town. You’re flaunting it. You look great.

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